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How To Get Started

Creating an account on an Age Gap dating site isn’t any more complicated than providing an email and filling out a brief questionnaire. Once you’re in, it’s suggested that you take the time to fill out a few more detailed questions about your interests and personality, and that you add a couple pictures. From there, it’s all about exploring the specific features offered by the site and sparking connections.

Cougar/Cub Relationship

Everyone can be a cougar, from top-level executives, soccer moms, community leaders, and newly single women who want the fun of a relationship without all the demands and baggage of traditional relationships.
Cougars come in all shapes and sizes-and ages! There is no minimum age requirement to be a cougar and Cougar Life welcomes women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and up. The only requirement is that you’re a woman who enjoys dating younger guys.
The younger men who date sexy, older women are affectionately referred to as “cubs”. Sometimes there’s as little as a five-year age difference between a cougar and her cub, sometimes it’s 20 (or more). It really doesn’t matter as long as everyone knows what they’re looking for and what they’re getting.

Age Gap Dating

Although the cultural norm leans towards women dating older men, some would prefer to reverse the expectation. The Age Gap dating category highlights mature women with experience, and thus pairs older women with younger men. Sites in this category vary from cougar-oriented, where women can find their perfect “cubs”.If this sounds like a familiar fetish, you’re in luck – this is where you belong.
Whether you’re a woman who prefers the vigor and sense of fun a younger guy has to offer – or a man who wants to meet sexy cougar singles, we’ve created a dating website that has just what you’re both looking for.

Namely How People Perceive

What was once known as simply “cougar dating” has evolved into its own category that encapsulates a variety of possible age-related arrangements. Now, the options are greater than ever before with sites like CougarDatingSite offering services to match anyone with an interest in age gap dating. Essentially, this category defies the standard of younger women ending up with older men — here, both younger men and women can expect to meet their ideal older man or woman (and vice versa).

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