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How to Make dating an American Woman Work For You

Yes, there are many foreign males who believe that dating an American lady will give them great freedom. For them, since women in the USA enjoy more freedom regardless of their financial situation, all the males with wide-ranging thoughts love spending quality time with really hot American females. But why is it that Americans prefer dating an Asian females? Is it because these females are submissive or is it because they prefer to be in a relationship and not just casual dating? Below mentioned are the three main reasons that account for the above mentioned reason.

First, Americans are known to date other Americans because of some special characteristic they have that the westerners do not have. For example, an American woman may have been raised as a very submissive person. Her father and mother both raised her in such a manner. As a result, whenever she has to deal with a man she always prefers to be in his company. In fact, American dating custom says that the man dating the woman should first ask her about her dreams and desires. So, this characteristic of the American woman is indeed a plus when it comes to dating an American woman.

Second, another reason for this preference to dating foreign women is the exceptional social value the American women enjoy in our own country. It is widely known that the attitude of an American is very different from that of an Asian or for that matter any other foreign national. This difference in attitude has resulted in a positive perception of foreign women by Americans. It is for this reason that an increasing number of foreign males are choosing to date an American woman.

Third, another reason for their strong attraction to the an American female is their high level of self-worth. The American female always considers herself to be above all local women even before she gets married. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why she is so willing to marry someone from outside her own culture and country. In fact, it is not uncommon for an American female to wed someone from a different country just because her family duties prevent her from marrying an American male. To an American female, family obligations are secondary and she gladly marries someone who shares the same viewpoint.

Fourth, the American male takes care of his wife and children. This has been a long-standing tradition in America and it does not take much to understand why the American male feels so confident dating an outsider. He takes care of the house, takes care of his wife and children and so on. He sees no reason why he should not take care of the woman he is dating, particularly the one who is also half his age.

Fifth, the American girls are good at home. This means she can also bring her mother with her on dates and she knows her husband will always be at home watching her children. This is another reason why the American male feels he can treat a foreign woman as warmly as he would his own mother. It’s not unusual to hear the words “my dad would die of shame” associated with marriage in the United States.

Finally, many of the traditions that are part of the marriages in America are unique to America and she might be prepared for dating an American woman. This is one of the advantages of dating locals: it means that the man is exposed to more customs, beliefs and social situations. Plus, he might learn something about dating in America other than the typical blonde-haired blonde.

In short: yes, Americans consider themselves more conservative than their European counterparts, but they are no less conservative. And, if you are willing to be bound by the rules of traditional marriage, then dating an American woman may not be a bad idea. So go out there, be free to date!

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