On line Dating Study: Figures, Fraud

Why Are Online Dating Statistics So Important?

The dating statistics tell us that men are meeting women half the time while there is a similar ratio for women meeting men. It seems there are many differences in what men and women look for. These dating statistics reveal the preference for different qualities in the opposite sex. Women are looking for a good listener, a good lover and a good friend. Men are looking for someone to share life with and share responsibilities. The dating statistics can show you the preferences of both sexes and how they rate their own personal value.

The online dating apps have become a big phenomenon. They have gained immense popularity with each passing day. There are different types of dating statistics for different types of apps. There are the free ones that have no statistics and are just for fun. But, paid ones give detailed information regarding the preferences, skills and weaknesses of the person who has been chosen to be the partner of a particular user.

According to the dating statistics, there are four main groups of daters. One is the group of singles who have very specific criteria for selecting partners. This group of daters are very choosy and do not usually settle for anyone who does not meet their requirements. These are mostly Americans and Europeans. The second group of daters comprises of those daters who don’t care about any specific country or culture.

The third section includes those singles who are ready to experiment. These are mostly Americans, Canadians and Europeans. The fourth section is made up of those singles who have very flexible and accepting attitudes towards dating statistics. They can easily adapt to any kind of tinder found on the internet. These are mainly the European singles and the American singles.

The most useful piece of information is the online dating statistics which reveal the age range and location of singles. Most people tend to stay in their own locality and seldom venture out of it. As a result they never reach out to other parts of the world and thus end up taking only their regional preferences into account. The online dating app offers such a big chance to expand one’s horizons. This is a good thing as geographical constraints are one of the major hindrances that prevent people from getting into serious relationships.

The dating statistics clearly reveal that the number of first dates that take place within the first four minutes is very high. The reason behind this is that these are the most boring moments of a relationship. This is the reason why most daters wait for these four minutes to lapse so that they can enjoy the moment and forget about the relationship.

On the contrary, it has been seen that people with specific age groups tend to have more serious interactions and this tends to increase the longevity of the relationship too. In fact, most online daters wait until they reach a certain age group before they decide to actually meet someone face to face. Another interesting aspect of these online dating statistics is that there is an increased chance of meeting older singles. The reason for this is that younger couples prefer to remain in their preferred age group and therefore the probability of them dating someone outside their age group increases.

There are various other aspects which show how the relationship which one is in can be predicted with great accuracy. The relationship duration is the best indicator of the longevity of any relationship. Dating statistics clearly show that committed relationships last only for a very short period of time. A committed relationship can last for anywhere between a few months to a year. These relationships require strong commitment and a lot of patience.

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